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Forms All of the application forms related to land development are listed below. If you are looking for building permit forms, you are won't find them here, because they are posted here.

Application Fees The Village Board has established various review fees to cover the Village's administrative costs. A check, made payable to the Village of East Troy, should be included with your application.

Submittal Deadlines Some applications can be submitted at anytime. Others need to be submitted before a certain time, and determined to be complete, so they can be added to a meeting agenda. Because of that, you may want to submit your application before the deadline. That way, we can let you know if anything is missing and you'll have some time to perhaps get it done before the deadline.
Review Procedures Once an application is submitted, staff will review it to make sure it is complete. Once that determination has been made, it will be sent to the appropriate person or Village body that has the authority to review it and render a decision. Depending on the type of application, there may be just a couple of steps in the process, or many. Check out the 
Procedures page, which describes each of the review procedures.

Pre-Application Meeting  Some of the review procedures require a pre-application meeting with staff to discuss what is being proposed, review submission requirements, and review the application and the review procedure.

Projects Requiring Multiple Reviews  Some projects will require a number of reviews. To the extent possible, we will try to schedule such reviews concurrently.

  1. Depending on the nature of the application, you may need to include supplemental materials. Be sure to include them with your submittal.
  2. Please take the time to provide the information that is requested. If your application is missing needed information, it could potentially delay the review of your application.

Questions If you have any questions or need any assistance in filling out a form, feel free to contact Tim Schwecke, Zoning Administrator by email or at 920-728-2814.

Submit Online Once you have a complete application, you can submit it online here.

Administrative Appeal application

If a person believes the Zoning Administrator made an error in issuing a permit or in not issuing a permit, fill out this form and get it to the Village Clerk. Please note, appeals need to be submitted soon after the decision.
Version January 1, 2022

Code Amendment application

Use this form if you would like the Village to change the zoning code, which may involve a change to the text or map (a rezoning), or both.

Conditional Use application

If a project involves a conditional use and site improvements are made to the property, you will likely be required to submit a site plan application as well. 
Version January 1, 2022

Interpretation application

Staff is always ready to answer your questions about our zoning code. However, if you need a written interpretation, here's the form you use.

Land Division

Use this form if you want to create one or more new lots. The form can be used for Certified Survey Maps (CSMs) and subdivisons.

Prior Review of Land Transfers

Under state law, two adjoining property owners can transfer land from one to the other. This one-page form must be submitted for review to ensure both of the properties will comply with zoning requirements, such as minimum lot size, building setbacks, and other similar requirements.

Professional Charge-Back form

For some of the review procedures, there is a flat fee and an additional charge to cover the fees of professionals that help review the application, prepare staff reports, and other functions. Those costs incurred by the Village are passed along to the applicant. Additional details are included on the form.
Uploaded 10-10-2022

Sign Permit application

A sign permit is required prior to the establishment of a new sign, except for those specifically exempted in s. 510-134 of the zoning code.

Site Plan application

The site plan review process focuses on how a project is designed, and depending on the project, may also include a review of outdoor lighting, landscaping, signage, and building design.

Temporary Use application

The zoning code allows certain uses on a temporary basis. If a permit is required, this is one you'll need.

Tree Protection Permit

Use this form if you will be removing more trees than what is allowed based on the size of the property.
Version: February 4, 2021

Variance application

Unlike some of the other applications, you may want to ask an attorney to help you fill out this application. Why? Because the Board of Zoning Appeals can only grant a variance when certain requirements are met. Not only that, the applicant has the burden of proof of showing compliance.
Version January 1, 2022

Wireless - Class 2 Collocation application

Use this form if your wireless project qualifies as a Class 2 collocation as defined in the zoning regulations.

Worksheet for Landscaping and Bufferyards

If you need to install some landscaping for your project. use this worksheet to make sure all of the landscaping requirements are met.

Zoning Permit application

A zoning permit is required for most projects. When a zoning permit is required, all other required reviews must occur first. Zoning permits are reviewed by the zoning administrator. Once a zoning permit is issued, you will work with the Building Inspector to obtain building permits.