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20192019-09Code AmendmentPlan CommissionAmend the text of the zoning code with regard to accessory buildingsNAVillage-wide  Village Board 4/8/2019  5/20/2019Pending [{"name":"Proposed ordinance","id":19047},{"name":"Public hearing notice for May 13, 2019","id":19048},{"name":"Staff report for May 13, 2019","id":19152},{"name":"Village Board agenda for May 20, 2019","id":19208},{"name":"Ordinance 2019-05","id":19485}][]0.0000000.000000103825528The Village can amend the zoning text and map (rezoning).#fde700

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Applications that have been submitted for review and that are currently in the review process are pending.

Most of the new development in the Village is allowed by right, which means staff reviews applications for compliance. When the review of a development application involves more discreation, the Plan Commission and the Village Board are responsible for reviewing them.

Once a decision has been rendered, the record will be part of the Closed Applications page.